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Grand Prix

Grand Prix are 3 national level events hosted at the biggest 28 scale racing facilities in the USA each year. The top drivers in the US usually attend. The best of the best in 28 scale racing! Grand Prix's are a points series to determine the 28SRA national champions for the year.


Pro-Am races are national and reginal level events that are not one of the 3 Grand Prix races, hosted at large to mid-sized 28 scale racing facilities in the USA. Local top drivers and amateurs usually attend. The heart and soul of local 28 scale race scenes.


2024 Grand Prix's

2023 1Utah Grand Prix.jpg
2023 Wolfram Grand Prix2.jpg
2023 Mile High 28 Scale Grand Prix1.jpg

2024 Pro-Am's

Local Alliance Track Events - Club Racing

Steel City RC

CO Springs Club Racing.jpg

HobbyTown CO Springs

Littleton Club Racing.jpg

HobbyTown Littleton

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