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2024 - Rocky Mountain 28 Scale Alliance - National Champions

Here they are! The best of the best in 28 scale racing! Congratulations to all the current and past champions. 

Congratulations to all the Current and past Manufacturer's Cup winners as well! 

Points are awarded in Grand Prix races only, 1st place gets 100 points, second gets 98 points, 3rd 97 etc. going all the way down the order. TQ is awarded 1 point. 

Manufacturer Cup is awarded to the top chassis manufacturer in 3500 GT and Mod GT combined. Point system is as follows, Grand Prix A-Mains only, the chassis finishes in 1st, the chassis manufacturer receives 10 points, 2nd is awarded 9 points etc, all the way down the order of the A-main in 3500 GT and Mod GT. 

2024 Manufacturers Cup


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