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Benefits of becoming an RM28SA Officially Recognized Team 

  • A dedicated team page on the RM28SA website featuring all my drivers, company, setup sheets, company information, etc.

  • Dedicated pits spaces at official RM28SA events for all my team drivers.

  • Team driver introductions at official RM28SA events.

  • A dedicated team driver attendance post on the RM28SA Facebook page before all of the 3 grand prix races.

  • Automatic enrolment in the manufactures cup (grand prix points series between manufacturers). This is for chassis manufacturer teams only.

Team principals must read the official RM28SA stance on team drivers document before proceeding. It is recommended your team drivers see this documents as well. 

To help facilitate the team driver info section of the application, have all your team drivers fill out this form and send it to you you to upload in the next step, we'll also need a picture of them . 

Team Application, Team Principals only 

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